Najuka from ‘Agadbamb’ Returns With ‘Maaza Agadbamb’

Najuka from 'Agadbamb' Returns With 'Maaza Agadbamb'
Audience is much familiar with ‘Agadbamb’, a Marathi movie which hit the box office in 2010. ‘Agadbamb’ has created it space in the hearts of Marathi audience. 8 years passed it’s release but the movie is still in the memory of the audience. The obese girl ‘Najuka’ is still remembered. She is ready to re-launch herself with ‘Maaza Agadbamb’ on the big screen. Trupti Bhoir is praised even today for her character of a obese girl ‘Najuka’. And is still remembered to her character. She is now ready with new looks and different character for her forth coming Marathi film ‘Maaza Agadbamb’. She will be surprise the audience with her triangular role as writer, director and a producer along with her lead role in ‘Maaza Agadbamb’. Superstar Subodh Bhave will be seen in the role of ‘Raiba’, Najuka’s husband. We all know Subodh as a versatile actor. We will see him in ‘Maaza Agadbamb’ giving his different style. The teaser poster of ‘Majha Agadbamb’, film full of entertainment, has been recently launched on the social networking sites. The teaser poster shows a back-facing warrior. However, since this person is not identifiable, the teaser poster ‘Maaza Agadbamb’ is a subject of curiosity for the audience.
Maaza Agadbam Marathi Movie Poster
Renowned and appreciated film Producer and Distributor of hindi cinema, Jayantilal Gadaa, for the first time, will enter marathi cinema as a presenter with his PEN India Limited company. ‘Maaza Agadbamb’ is blessed with T. Satish Chakravarty, Dhawal Jayantil Gada and Akshay Jayantilal Gada as producers along with Trupti Bhoir, whereas Reshma Kadakia, Kushal Kantilal Gada and Neeraj Gala, have accepted the responsibility as co-producers for the film.
So, don’t miss to watch Najuka and our lovable hero, Raiba in ‘Majha Agadbamb’. Movie releasing on 26th October in the theaters near you.