‘Khichik’ Marathi Movie Teaser Launched on Social Media !


A film which is completely different as evident from its title ‘Khichik’ will display tender sensitive relationships. The teaser of the film was launched on social media recently. As evident from the interesting trailer the story of the film seems interesting. Produced by Kantananad Productions and Sachin Anil Dhakate along with co-producers Parag Jambhule and Amit Kumar Bidala. Pritam S K Patil has written and directed the film .Sachin Dubale Patil is the executive producer of the film.

In the teaser that was launched teenybopper star Prathamesh Parab is seen in the teaser. A girl walking backwards and a crumpled note falling from her hand and on comes the dialogue ‘Mee Challo Tichyakade, Say Vajavli Gitar Aattta’,. So it can be discerned that it’s a sensitive tale from the teaser. And the teaser has raised a lot of curiosity among the Marathi viewers.