Get Ready For Anushree Dixit and Siddharth Awaited Marriage !

Get Ready For Anu and Siddharth Awaited Marriage !

Marriage means a bond forever. The most important event in every girls life. She leaves her parents house and goes to her new husbands home because she trusts him totally and loves him totally. Her life goes through a radical change after marriage. In the show ‘Sukhachya Sarini He Man Baware’ Anu forgets all her past events and her relationship with Avi she agrees to marry Siddharth because she loves him and now Siddharth is going to get the support and companionship of Anu and now both are going to get each others love on the show.

Anu and Siddharths marriages

The marriage rituals like Saptapadi, Mangalashtak, Sunmukh, Nine draped saree, Chandrakor, Hirva chuda, Mangalsutra in Anu’s attire makes her look ethereal. The happiness which has come in Siddharth and Anu’s lives after a long wait will definitely be spoiled by the machinations of Sanvi with the help of Durga which one can’t refute all together. Can Sanvi with her evil intentions hinder the happy marriage of Anu and Siddharth? Will Durga and Sanvi be the spoilers in the happy match of Siddharth and Anu? Will the marriage of Anu and Siddharth take place peacefully? Thus will start the new journey of Anu and Siddharth! So definitely see the eventful marriage of Anu and Siddharth on the show ‘Sukhachya Sarini He Man Baware’ from Monday to Saturday at 9 pm on COLORS MARATHI!

An accident involving Anu and Siddharth takes place on the day of their marriage but they escape unhurt. They reach the marriage venue without any injuries or further mishaps. What happens after they reach there? How does the police come in at this moment? This will make interesting viewing!