Kanika Marathi Movie : Review – Creates Social Awareness About Female Infanticide.

Kanika Marathi Movie Review

Rating – 2.5/5

By watching horror genre movies one should feel scared. But while fulfilling that one cannot simply overlook the story line of the movie. That’s why it’s necessary to make it obvious as to on whom is the story based. Just showing anything considering it as a ghost town, anything can happen in ghost town, and no rule applies to it is a misunderstanding ; even after having good technological support the movie ‘Kanika’ turned out to be disastrous.

This movie’s foundation revolves around the idea of a ghosts seeking revenge. Though in the end it comes across as the ghosts and it’s mother’s revenge. The fun part is that everyone reacts on the second day of the attack of ghosts. At first the security sees the ghost and he gets scared. ( Here even if the audience don’t get scared looking at the ghost just in case to get goosebumps the noises in the background has been increased. ) And this security personnel reports the next morning saying that he wants to resign from his job and forever move to his native place. Rather than running away the same night, he actually waits for the next day and he goes about all the process and takes his salary before leaving. But why does the ghost torture him is not shown in the movie.

Same way in the hero’s presence his doctor cum partner friend sees the ghost and he gets scared. But they both discuss about this incidence the next day sitting by the pool and while sipping juice. Their close friend, assistant doctor has been dead since a couple of days and they don’t realise it. How distant are we from each other?

The dialogues in this movie are very twisted. In a scene it’s shown that the hero admits his mistakes and apologies for it to his wife on terrace, she begins to leave and he stops her. She says, even if I decide to wait as a wife I can’t wait as a woman, and she leaves. But immediately the same night she is found sleeping in the same bed with him. That time we see that the lady who is sleeping is the wife , but then what happened to the lady who walked off from the terrace, where did she go is not known.

When the wife suggests a doctor for treating the hero gets furious and says that the doctor was a junior to him and that he has passed his exams by copying his (hero’s) paper. Now how can a junior copy a senior’s paper is a logical question that arises but then in the end they consult the same doctor and there we see that he looks 15-20 years elder to the hero. And he too instead of talking with the patient he talks to his wife which kind of proves that he did pass his exams by cheating. Hats off!

Ghosts can’t be seen in mirror was a known thing. But there’s a daily reporting between a live human and ghost, the ghost discusses with the man and then decides how to kill him, this new strategy is shown in this movie. Sometimes it posses the body of people and instead of draining blood from the audience’s eyes the possessed souls have white eyes. Sometimes you see it just like that, sometimes it posses the body and chokes, sometimes bursts eyeballs and kills…

The hero must lead. However in this movie no matter how much the ghost tortures, kills his friends, associates he doesn’t do anything to change it. Putting make up every morning and talking sweetly and asking the hero to calm down, such wife of the hero is a doctor; this is the only revelation that leaves the audience amazed. In this the inspectors will look into the story and then the picture will be clear… But that too doesn’t happen. Because he too is a friend and he just keeps beating around the bush. But the ghost doesn’t kill him.
If the movie is based on random happenings then it should be mentioned before. Because if not told earlier then it appears as if the audience were cheated. The camerawork in the movie is very nicely done. The ghost’s make up is to the point. Location is good , but not good enough for a horrible movie.