Will Dashputre Family Forgive Shlok and Kuhu ??

Shlok and Kuhu Marriage in Zee Yuva's Serial Deva Shappath!

How much we love God and to what extent does he loves us back. That’s not of much importance. What matters more is that without getting into old traditions, one should always give a thought on what is right and what is wrong for him as well as for society. Even in times, God himself needs to take form of human. God himself is come to meet his follower in a form of his friend. Zee Yuva has taken this as the theme for their serial “Deva Shappath”. Krish means Krishna, the God himself has arrived on earth to meet his follower Shlok, but the scene over her is that Shlok himself does believe in the existing of God. Audience are experiencing collision of this two personalities. Recently Shlok and Kuhu has tied knots in the serial.

Shlok and Kuhu Marriage Photoj

But the families of both are not ready to except their relations and they have openly expressed their feelings regarding Shlok-Kuhu’s relation. Thus Shlok-Kuhu have decided to live with Krish in his house, for time being. After few days, Sholk’s mother comes to visit them and to make up their minds and to take them home with her. But both of them, Sholk and Kuhu ignores it. But after seeing his mother pleading, Sholk and Kuhu agrees to go with his mother. After reaching home, this couple are welcomed in an traditional way. But as they are welcomed, Sholk’s mother walks away. Shlok asks her what the matter was. To this his mother answers that it was her duty to bring back her son and daughter-in-law back to home, which she has done., but she will never accept Shlok-Kuhu’s relation. (Also Read – Deva Shapath Promises to Leave You Enlightened !)

Kuhu on other hand, will be preparing Kheer (Indian sweet), which Krish takes with him to Akash and tries to change Akash’s mind, so that he could accept Shlok-Kuhu’s relation.

Will Kuhu be able to win minds of Shlok’s family though her cooking? Will Akash condone Sholk and Kuhu? What is yet to reveal? To know more keep watching Devashappath on Zee Yuva from Monday to Friday at 7 P.M.