‘Deva Shapath’ Promises to Leave You Enlightened !


“He’s coming..in the modern times, in the present-day form” these words have been flashing across Zee Yuva for some while now. In the crowd of period dramas these words from a promo have undoubtedly caught everyone’s attention.

Believers and non-believers – there are two kinds of people in this world.  Now, in today’s times, if one has to link human consciousness with the idea of God, then how will man and God meet? Based on this unique concept is the upcoming tv series ‘Deva Shappath’.

An overwhelming majority believes in the idea of God. They believe that God is omnipresent and can manifest himself in various forms. While there are others who don’t believe in the existence of any divine force. They believe that their destiny is in their own hands and not in the hands of a supernatural being. ‘Deva Shappath’ is going to explore this conflict of thought. The TV series which will be telecast on Zee Yuva at 9:30 pm from 20th November will try to strike a balance between over-dependence on faith and the absolute lack of it. Kshitij Date will be seen portraying the role of the naughty modern-day Krishna (Krish) and Sankarshan Kharade will be playing the atheist Shlok. Actors like Vidyadhar Joshi, Seema Deshmukh, Swanand Barve, Shalmali Tolye and Abhishek Kulkarni will also be seen playing prominent roles in the show.

In the show we will see that in order to find an equilibrium between the over-faithful priest Vishwasrao Dashputre and his militant atheist son Shlok, Lord Krishna is forced to manifest himself in the form of Krish. ‘Deva Shappath’ will explore this idea in a rather entertaining way. It will give the whole debate over god a new twist.

Talking about the show business head of Zee Yuva, Bavesh Janavlekar said that his TV channel is known for promoting fresh content and hence they are backing a TV show like ‘Deva Shappath’. It will primarily be about how even in these modern times people feel connected to a divine force and how one should have faith, but not blind faith in religious matters.