Vikrant Saranjame to Finally Ask Isha for Marriage!

Isha and Vikrant 1hr Episode

On telly the ZEE MARATHI show ‘Tula Pahate Re’ the show is popular with the audiences and Subodh Bhave and debutant Gayatri Datar are playing Vikrant Saranjame and Ishaa respectively . The different story of this show has captured the viewers attention recently and the TRP’s of this show are rising rapidly with every week.

Isha and Vikrant 1hr Episode

This story about ageless love is now in an important phase and Vikrant and Ishaa have expressed their feelings for each other. Though there is a lot of difference between their economic status and social status and age too and that is the reason why people around them don’t want to get them to come together.

Isha and Vikrant

How hard is their journey of love, only time can tell. But in the interim Vikrant is readying himself to ask for Ishaa’s hand with great fear and with great strength.

Isha at Vikrant Saranjame Home


His style of asking for Ishaa’s hand is also going to be different and thrilling. With such a style of asking Ishaa’s hand, there is no doubt that Ishaa will say yes to the match. This important happening in Vikram and Ishaa’s life will be telecast on 9 December in an one hour special episode of the show ‘Tula Pahate Re’ on ZEE MARATHI.

Vikrant Saranjame Home