Unknown And Amazing Facts About Sairat Marathi Movie

Unknown Facts About Sairat

Unknown and Amazing Facts About Sairat Marathi Movie

  1. Almost all of the songs are written by music director Ajay Gogawale.
  2. National Award Winning Actress ‘Rinku Rajguru’ is selected by Nagraj Manjule for movie, when she was in 7th standard.
  3. Actor of Sairat ‘Aakash Thosar’ is a builder, and in order to do this role he has loose his weight.
  4. Sairat is a first Indian movie who’s song recording is done outsite India at famous ‘Symphony’ studio.
  5. Sairat movie is selected as 4th Marathi movie in Berlin International Film Festival.
  6. During entire shooting actor Aakash Thosar stayed at Nagraj’s house.
  7. After the release of Fandry, Nagraj Manjule has stated a thinking for Sairat.
  8. In order to look audacious heroin, Nagraj has teached Rinku to run bullet.
  9. Most of the shooting is done in village area of Karmala in order to get real feel of movie instead of set.
  10. Sairat means a fast running or speedy or mad boy.

So everyone is eagerly waiting for 29 April to release movie.

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