TTMM Second Teaser Poster Unveiled !

TTMM Teaser Poster Unveiled !

After all the cold war which was brewing between Lalit Prabhakar & Neha Mahajan on Twitter, the fight ended with the teaser poster launch of their forthcoming film TTMM (तुझं तू माझं मी).

The brand new teaser poster showcases two common things with the last teaserposter – the Sea and their travel backpacks and hence this one is sure to increase everybody’s curiosity

Lalit Prabhakar and Neha Mahajan are set to be a treat for sore eyes in this film. ‘TTMM’ which is directed by Kuldip Jadhav and is presented by the makers of ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai’ & ‘Premachi Goshta’, Mirah Entertainment & also Vaishali Entertainment, is all set to rock the month of June.


The movie is produced by Dr. Santosh Uttam Sawane and the makers have shared a teaser poster to give something for the fans to look forward to. It is slated to release on 16th June, 2017.