Subodh Bhave’s Karaar Comments on Satire Of Emotionless Society

Subodh Bhave’s ‘ Karaar ’ with Urmila Kanetkar and Kranti Redkar Aarti More

Subodh Bhave’s ‘Karaar’ with Urmila Kanetkar and Kranti Redkar

In a modern, career-oriented, competitive world nobody cares too hoots about human emotions and family relations. To cater to such a fast-paced, workaholic world, we humans have reduced every relationship to just another Karaar (Agreement).

Somewhere, this has had a shocking impact on the society’s emotional values. In this practical world then Karaar fills the void left open by our societal norms.

Director ‘Manoj Kotian’ in association with ‘Crake Entertainment’s Poonam Sivia & Neelam Sivia have endeavored to throw new light on human relationships in the world today.

Subodh Bhave’s co-stars Urmila Kanetkar and Kranti Redkar will add glamour as well as drama to Karaar along with Suhasini Mule. Being a family drama, Karaar, will hit the right notes among families and comfortably connect with the audience.

Karaar Marathi Movie Music Launch
Karaar Marathi Movie Music Launch

Speaking on the occasion Bhave said, “Karaar is a family film and portrays the problems and issues faced by every individual in a family. We should sign an agreement for doing good deeds in our lives and the film will be loved by the people.”

“I am thankful to the film’s directors for casting me in this role,” said Kranti. I am playing ‘Radha’ in this film and I am very excited about my role as Radha’s character is very different from all other roles I have essayed before this.”

Urmila-Kanetkat Kothari also clarified what Karaar means to her. “We cannot spend quality time with our family because of the work pressure of our fast-paced careers. We should sign an agreement of spending good time with our near and dear ones,” she said.

The film’s Music score is done by ‘Vijay Gawande’ and ‘Paresh Shah’, while Avadhut Gupte, Shreya Ghoshal, Bela Shende, Sonu Kakkar, Jasraj Joshi, Neha Rajpal and Vaishali Samant will be giving their voice to the film’s characters. The film’s story is written by ‘Sanjay Jagtap’ and dialogues by ‘Hemant Edlabadkar’.

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