Siddharth Jadhav and Mayuri Deshmukh’s ‘Lagnakallol’!

Siddharth Jadhav and Mayuri Deshmukh's ‘Lagnakallol’!

Marriage is like a crossword puzzle and how much it looks easy to solve, it is that more much harder to solve it, and it is the most important happening in a persons life. The going is rosy for a few days in the marriage and after nine days of happiness then you experience the difficulties in a married life. And all average people to celebs go through this phase. And based on this concept comes the forthcoming film ‘Lagnakallol’, a full comedy.

The film stars Siddharth Jadhav, Bhushan Pradhan, Mayuri Deshmukh, and the grand mahurat of the film was held at ST. Regis in the presence of the entire cast and crew along with many celebs. The film was announced by the Hindi film director duo Abbas Mustaaan  and the mahurat clap was given by comedy king Johnny Lever. Abbas Mustaan said on the occasion that laughter is the best medicine and everyone should always keep smiling . This comedy film ‘Lagnakallol’ will soon be released to make you laugh. The huge starcast of the film will definitely make the film a success. They added  that  we have closely known many directors and know the director of this film Mohammed Burmawalla closely for the last three decades and we know his affinity for good cinema and certain that he will make an entertaining film. They added that the new experiments and content in Marathi films are good for the audiences. They wished a happy success to the entire team of the film and even though if the film is based on a subject like marriage, it will present a new dimension to the institution of marriage. This film based on marriage will soon be released.

The film produced by Mayur Tirmukhe Film Productions and director Mohammed Burmawalla has worked with Abbas Mustaan for the last three decades  and was associated with them during the making of Baazigar, Baadshah,,Race, etc  as an executive producer. The other cast of the film comprises of Bharat Ganeshpure, Pratiksha Lonkar,   Supriya Karnik, Vidya Karanjikar,  Amita Kulkarni, Santosh Tirmakhe, and Dr.Ashish Gokhale. Dr.Mayur Tirmakhe, Annasaheb Ramchandra Tirmakhe, Mangalabai Annsaheb Tirmakhe, have handled the production making. The film is written by Jitendra Parmar, and the music is by Praful- Swapnil and Mandar Cholkar and Jay Atre have written the lyrics . So be ready to see ‘Lagnakallol’.