Sai’s Surprise For Her Biggest Fans

Vicky Rathod - Sai's Biggest Fan

Oh My SaiShine – The Biggest Fan Ever

Bollywood has a very long history. Over a period of more than 100 years Indian cinema has given many timeless and classic films. As Bollywood has influence on people of India so many actors are worshiped like god by their fans. With Marathi films doing well, and competing Bollywood movies, the fan base of Marathi celebrities is also increasing extensively day by day. Success story of any star has a lot to owe to their devoted admirers.

The very talented and gorgeous M – Town diva Sai Tamhankar has always charmed everyone with hercharismatic personality and brilliant performances in Marathi movies. The versatile actress Sai has a huge fan following across India, but this is about her crazy fan Vicky Rathod who has always done something extraordinary to make her feel stupendously special. Vicky Rathod is unstoppable when he is out to display his innermost feelings for his favourite M- Town icon ‘Sai Tamhankar’. The fan admires Sai to such an extent that he has tattooed her name on his wrist. He also has twitter handle ‘Oh My Saishine’, from where he keeps tweeting only for Sai. The crazy fan frantically follows the actress wherever she goes and be able to attend all her events.

After all his efforts to impress the star, M – Town diva Sai finally decided to meet her crazy fan.Recently Sai celebrated her biggest fan’s birthday with all her heart, making his special day memorable. Sai specially planned a birthday surprise for her fan Vicky wherein she put up a treasure hunt setup and after guessing the last clue correctly hegot an opportunity to meet his Dream Girl Sai.Sai is always highly considerate of the affection by her die-hardfans. Vicky will always cherish the surprise given by his SaiShine.