Makarand Anaspure’s ‘Nagpur Adhiveshan’ Releasing On 9th December


‘Nagpur Adhiveshan’ Releasing On 9th December 2016

Nagpur has the status of the second capital of the state of Maharashtra, hence every year the winter session of the legislative assembly is held in Nagpur. During the entire duration of the session, a different Nagpur can be seen outside the Vidhan Bhavan. Matters of the state, and its various problems are spoken about by the politicians in the Vidhan Sabha or the Vidhan Parishad. Because of the various politicians , we have party workers from different parties, we have agitating people. Many legislative members and their party workers are busy forming new fronts. Funny incidences and events which happen during this period cannot be seen anywhere else. We get to see leaders who come here year after year and behave as if it is a continuation from the previous page. There is an excitement amongst the leaders in attending the sessions in the middle of winter, being in a picnic mood they do not bother with the problems faced by the people, this behaviour is getting stronger in recent years. This has been picturised in a   very riveting and thought provoking manner in ‘Anil Keshavrao Jalamkar’ produced ‘Nagpur Adhiveshan Ek Sahal’. This movie written and directed by ‘Nilesh Raosaheb Jalamkar’, is being released in theatres on the 9th of December.

In this Vidharbha Pictures presentation ‘Nagpur Adhiveshan Ek Sahal’, the director has tried to present a different perspective of the winter session. A political colour beyond politics can be seen in this winter session. The colourful gossips during the session and the styles of politician is very eye-catching.  In pandering to the whims of the ministers, the local government employees are totally harried and finally after spending crores of rupees on this session many problems still remain unsolved. Many incidences like this have been commented upon in this movie. The movie is co-produced by Yayati Naik.

Along with leading actors like Makarand Anaspure, Ajinkya Dev, Mohan Joshi, Bharat Ganeshpure,  Vineet Bhonde, Chetan Dalvi, Amol Tale, Sankarshan Karhade, Dipali Jagtap, Sneha Chavan have given stellar performances. Lyrics written by Anant Kelkar,Nilesh Raosaheb Jalamkar and Amol Tale have been set to music by Amit Tale. Background music is by Amey Naare and Saajan Patel and the songs are recorded in the voices of Prasanjit Kosambi, Bela Shende, Hrishikesh Ranade and Sharad Tawoor. Costumes are by Sandeep Joshi, make-up by Nishikant Ujavane and photography is by Chandrakant Meher. The executive producer is Yogesh Jadhav.

Releasing on the 9th of December ‘Nagpur Adhiveshan Ek Sahal’ will definitely make the viewers to contemplate.

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