Is Sangram Samel the Alarm in Vicky Velingkar’s Clock?

Sonalee Kulkarni’s upcoming film Vicky Velingkar has captured the imagination of many filmy keedas with the opening of Sonalee’s poster. What intensified the curiosity was the next poster of Mask Man and as if it was not enough, the makers of the film introduced Spruha Joshi with a tag line, will she be able to save Vicky?
Vicky Velingkar
All the indicators showing Vicky is in danger but from whom is the mystery. To make sure that the audience is kept engaged, we were introduced with another poster showing actor Sangram Samel being referred to as a Priest or a Hacker. Furthermore, there also is the mention of two very interesting names Tatya Pikachu and Lucky Lokhande.
This revelation only adds up to the confusion about who the real culprit in this film is? Is it the Mask Man? Is it Sangram Samel? What is the true Identity of Sangram? Is Sangram a Mask Man? It looks like the Director Saurabh Varma has been able to put together an enthralling suspense thriller that was awaited in Marathi Cinema for a long time.
Vicky Velingkar is slated to release across Maharashtra on 6th December, 2019. Keep reading MegaMarathi.Com for more of such exclusive news about Vicky Velingkar and more.