‘Appa Anni Bappa’ Coming on This Friday to Meet You !

‘Appa Anni Bappa’ Coming on This Friday to Meet You !

Maharashtrians and festivals have a unique relationship. Lately the way the festivals are celebrated has undergone a sea change. Dharma, sanskriti, age old rituals and traditions and relationships have been dumped and instead the people are more interested in a noisy display and unlimited extravagance. Exposing the reality of today’s festivals and celebrations, the movie ‘Appa anni Bappa’ gives a touching and blunt account of the ongoings, but in a very entertaining manner. ‘Appa anni Bappa’ releasing on the 11th of October. ‘Appa anni Bappa’ is the first Marathi film directed by the director of ‘Son of Sardar’ and ‘ Athithi tum kab jaoge’.

Aappa i.e. Govind Kulkarni is a simple middle class man who leads a very straight forward life, suddenly an incident happens in his life that opposes and starts a non -cooperation against the very Ganpati whom he brought home with a lot of pomp and show. What exactly is this non-cooperation for?. This different feeling we are going to experience while watching the movie ‘Appa anni Bappa’. Whenever there was a problem and he had to face it along with the pressure and how he overcomes the problems and the actions that he takes is the central theme of the movie. The reality that we see in each and every household of our middle class society is presented in a very humorous way by the director in ‘Appa anni Bappa’.

Lately a certain thought as taken root that unless you reach a certain level in the celebrations it is not a celebration. Because of this thinking we have lost sight of the main intention behind the celebration. The artistes feel that this presentation is bound to change the perspectives of the viewers. The fantastic trio of Dilip Prabhavalkar, Bharat Jadhav and Subodh Bhave have come together for the first time in this movie. Along with them we also have Sampada Kulkarni,Umesh Jagtap and Shivani Rangole.

A Garima Productions presentation, the movie’s producers are Garima Dhir and Jalaj Dhir. The writers of the film are Ashwini Dhir and Arvind Jagtap. The cinematography is by Surya Mishra. The music is by Sarang Kulkarni, Sayali Khare and Abhang Repost. The line producer is Ajit Singh. The movie is being released under the aegis of ‘Panorama Studios International.

‘Appa anni Bappa’ is releasing on the 11th of October.