‘Rang Majha Vegla’ will Start From 30 October on Star Pravah !

'Rang Majha Vegla' will Start From 30 October on Star Pravah !

The olden golden singing veteran Manik Verma’s songs like ‘Tya Savlyaa Tanuche’, ‘Maj Lagle Pise Ki’, or ‘Savlach Rang Tujha’ are still very popular and are sweet on the ears and eternal. She has put the dark color in the right perspective. And the dark color is a such a part of literature but very much ignored in real life and is always negated or receives a negative response.

रंग माझा वेगळा – नवी मालिका

ह्या नवरात्रीत फक्त रंग नाही, विचारही बदलणार..टीव्हीच्या ही आधी, खास तुमच्यासाठी…नवी मालिका "रंग माझा वेगळा" – प्रेमात पडाल असा वेगळेपणा.. बुधवार ३० ऑक्टोबरपासून, सोम-शनि. ९:३० वा. Star प्रवाह वर, आणि कधीही Hotstar वर..#RangMajhaVegla #NewSerial #StarPravahHarshada Khanvilkar Reshma Shinde Aashutosh Gokhale Anagha Atul Atul Ketkar STAR Pravah

Publiée par STAR Pravah sur Jeudi 3 octobre 2019

Beauty is always admired but people misunderstand beauty with fair color but beauty is skin deep and people always want fair girls for marriage and that their progeny should also be fair skinned. But people don’t give the right importance to internal beauty and don’t understand that beauty is not only fair skinned. And also a good mind reflects on one’s face and makes you attractive be it fair or dark. Now such a thought is being addressed in its forthcoming show ‘Rang Majha Veglaa’, and the show tries communicate the message to people about skin color differences. It explores the new definition of beauty and makes people think.

The STAR PLUS show and producer Atul Ketkar with his banner Right Click Productions have created this show. Speaking about the difference of this show, STAR PRAVAH Content Head Satish Rajwade, says, “ That we have color prejudice in society has always been the norm and when this story idea came to us we felt that it will make a good grand sensitive show. It’s a love story and a good drama with also a few pointers at the ills in the society. Today’s generation is very much aware and doesn’t feel week to face this problem and that’s why no one can stop them from progressing. So don’t miss this show ‘Rang Majha Vegla’,starting from 30th October at 9.30 pm on STAR PRAVAH.

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