Ajinkya Aka Nitish Injured During Shooting A Action Scene!

Ajinkya Aka Nitish Injured During Shooting A Action Scene!

Zee Marathi is more than a television channel now. It has successfully curved its permanent place in all the Marathi audience and has become an integral part of their day to day life. Zee Marathi is deeply connected to its audience with their prime time serials and television shows. Each event is enjoyed to this fullest by audience and gossips about it is heard even in offices. (Also Read – Mahesh Balasaheb Jadhav (Talent) Marathi Actor Biography)

Zee Marathi’s popular serial “Lagira Zala Ji” is one it’s many serials which has been loved and followed by audience. Audience has lifted up the chemistry and unique love story of lead couples Ajya-Shital. But now, audience will experience a new twist in the show. Till now, audience now that Ajinkya has proposed Shital for marriage, but when Harshvardhan comes to know about this relation, he gets livid and the things goes to a completely different level after that. Harshvardhan, who has a one-sided love on Shital. When he becomes familiar about Shital’s feelings for Ajinkya, he gets furious and send his men to beat Ajinkya.

Ajya and Shitli During love scene

Being in Indian Army, how will Ajinkya handle this situation will be exciting to see. What twist and turns will Ajya-Shitalrelation take? Will their trust each other in this difficult time? Or will their relation come to an end? To know all, keep watching LagirZalaJi upcoming episodes.

Ajya and Shitli During Shooting
Audience will soon see Ajinkya’s fight sequence with Harshvardhan’s men, which  cinematography is under the guidance of Martial arts experts Vikas and Rakesh. For this sequence, Ajinkya was given Martial arts training. While shooting this scenes, Ajinkya was injured many times, but he neglected the pain and injuries, completing the whole sequence by 4:00 am in morning. (Also Read – Lagira Zhala Jee Dominates The Show At Zee Marathi Awards !)
Don’t miss to see the first fight sequence of Lagir Zala Ji on from 26 March at 7:00 pm only on Zee Marathi.