After the Superhits of ‘Khwada’ and ‘Baban’, Bhaurao Coming with ‘Hyderabad Custody’

After the super hit ‘Baban‘, The Folk Confluence Entertainment Presentation and Chitraksh Films Productions have begun preparing for a fresh new film. Directed by Bhaurao Karhade, the film is named as ‘Hyderabad Custody’ which has been officially announced by a teaser poster that was recently launched on social networking sites. From the film’s name and teaser poster, we can guess that the film is based on police jail and the prisoners.
Moreover, the belt used for the third degree as seen in the teaser poster of this movie, is also catching the attention of the audiences.
Also, because of the name of this movie ‘Hyderabad’, audience can have the question such as what is the film based on ? Bhaurao Karhade is known as the director for showcasing the rural and actual problem, through the cinema. With this similar subjects of ‘Khwada‘ and ‘Baban’, audiences are curious about his forthcoming film ‘Hyderabad Custody’.
Hyderabad Custody Marathi Movie Poster
Vitthalrao Nanasaheb Karhade, Pramod Bhaskar Chaudhary, Monali Sandeep Fund, Bhausaheb Shinde, Rajinikant Sadashiv Nimse and Sushila Kanade are the producers of this film. However, even though there is no more information about this film, it is said that shooting of this film will begin soon.