Zee Marathi’s New Serial ‘Gaav Gata Gajali’ Replaces ‘Chuk Bhool Dyawi Ghyawi’

  • Serial – Gaav Gata Gajali
  • Starcast – Pralhad Kudtarkar Rohan Kotekar Rohit Kotekar Digambar Naik
  • Channel – Zee Marathi
  • Director – Raju Sawant
  • Producer – Santosh Kanekar
  • Writer – Prahlad Kudtarkar
  • Timing – From 2 August 2017, Wednesday to Saturday at 9:30PM


The series ‘Ratris Khel Chale‘ popularized Pandu, that is, the author and actor Prahlad Kudatkar in the house. The same series brought the Malavani language and villages of Konkan, people, and culture into the world of TV once again. Now once again the same Konkani men and their writer Prahlad Kudtarkar’s new series ‘Zee Marathi’ is coming soon. The series,”Chuk Bhool Dyavi Ghyavi” which is currently being telecast, will be ending soon, and the new series ‘Gaav Gata Gajali’ will be coming soon.

Santosh Kanekar has produced ‘Gav Gata Gazali’, Producer of the ‘Ratris khel chale’ and ‘Hundred Days’. The double responsibility to write and act as a Gazelle will be seen in the series by Pralhad Kudratkar in the series, while the direction Raju Sawant has done it. The nature of the Konkani people is basically the silence. The Konkani people’s favorite job is to sit in and keep talking. In konkan, in the region of sindhudurg,these group talks are only called as “Gajaali”. In this talk, Gossips from the village and all the subjects from national to international politics are discussed… This gajaali of the same Konkan man will be seen on Zee Marathi.

The new serial ‘Gava Gata Gajali’ by will be broadcast from Zee Marathi on August 2. ‘Gaav Gata Gajali’ will be seen on Wednesday night to Saturday at 9.30pm. The Malvani language became popular from the series ‘Ratris Khel Chale‘ and ‘Aakari’ in Konkan was the center of special attraction for tourists. Now on the of ‘Gaav Gata Gajali’, the natural beauty of village “Mithbaav” in Kokana will be seen on ‘Zee Marathi’ screen. ‘Gajali’ is a special word for Konkan. Having said Konkan you will come across various characters and unique personality of people. Even today, there are people from Konkan villages. The samples of such a few people will be seen in this series.

There is a woman in the village, an old man who talks to God, common fights between mother in law and daughter in law and the husband who gets stuck in it, a liar named Suhas and his son who teaches him lesson every time named Krish, secret love story of Hema and Prasad. Also we can see an auto driver dreaming to become sarpanch of this village. All these fight with each other to the maximum but also love each other in the same way.. Everyone has different dreams, they are different in nature. These people are all coming in front of the audience.