Phulpakharu – A new serial on Zee Yuva

Phulpakharu - A new serial on Zee Yuva

Zee Yuva channel came new on Marathi television from 22nd August 2016. After a long wait for the opening ceremony of this channel Zee Yuva became a part of our family and entertained us with its famous serial’s episodes- Bun Maska, Freshers, Love Lagna Locha, Ithech Taka Tambu, Shravanbal, Yuvagiri, Shaurya, Hilla and recently started programs Prem He  and Sargam. To make watching Marathi television experience enjoyable Zee Yuva came up with new innovative serials. Zee Yuva has many topics which keep the audience busy but it also has many new ideas which no one has put forth before. Zee Yuva shows them via various experiments.

Phulpakharu Serial Actress
Hruta Durgule Marathi Actress as Vaidehi in Phulpakharu Zee Yuva

In many new upcoming programs with a new look, new style, encouraging new ideas, giving a new point of view to the youngsters to look at the future, teaching to build relationships with hope such new programs will be coming up on Zee Yuva. Through the ongoing programs on Zee Yuva we see – Friendship, Fun, Slow Romance and a plate full of entertainment.In these serials there are no villeins, no revenge, no tension just pure joyful programs which give fun without tension only on Zee Yuva. So now one more serial will added to the Zee Yuva’s list that is Phulpakharu.

Actress Hruta Durgule Aka Hruta Durgule – Phulpakharu

Love is like a butterfly it keeps hunting for its own flower such a beautiful quote is used in the promo of this serial which has gone viral in today’s youth in which Vaidehi i.e. actress Hruta Durgule‘s innocent love story will be shown, this has been put forth very beautifully. Till now we don’t know who will be the one to fall in love with Vaidehi; it is a secret as to who will be casted with her but we’ll know soon via another promo. You can catch this serial from 24th April onwards at 7:30pm only on Zee Yuva.

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