New Show ‘Jeev Jhala Yedapisa’ Stars Soon On Colors Marathi !

New Show ‘Jeev Jhala Yedapisa’ Stars Soon On Colors Marathi !
  • Starcast – Vidula Choughule as Siddhi, Ashok Phaldesai as Shiva, Mohan Joshi, Chinmayee Sumit.
  • Studio – Potadi Entertainment
  • Director – Vinod Lavhekar
  • Producer –  Vinod Lavhekar, Nikhil Sheth
  • Co Director – NA
  • Assistant Director – NA
  • Production Manager – Amol Latwade
  • Post Production – Akash Ashok Abhang
  • Production Head – Pravin Khandave, Ravindra Nawale
  • Story – NA
  • Screenplay – NA
  • Dialogues – Vikas Pandurang Patil
  • Cinematography – Sandy ( Sandeep Shinde )
  • Editor – Prathmesh Rajesh Patkar, Ashwini Ramesh Bagade
  • Co-editor – NA
  • Lyrics –NA
  • Music – Mangesh Dhakade
  • Title Track – Dasu
  • Background Score – Vijay Gawande
  • Title Track Singer – Suhas Sawant
  • Art Direction – Mahesh Salgaonkar
  • Sound Design – Shivaji Tripathi
  • Creative Team – NA
  • Executive Producer – Vishal Anil Upasani (Potadi Production)
  • Executive Producer – Prachini Chavhan – Kadam (Colors Marathi)
  • Senior  Executive Producer – Deepa Jathar (Colors Marathi )
  • Promo and Title – NA
  • Promo Head – Yogesh Ravindra Rane (Colors Marathi)
  • On Air Promotion Head – Rahul Madhukar Salgar (Colors Marathi)
  • Graphics – NA
  • Costumes – Shweta Bapat
  • Make up – R. K. Sonu Pande
  • Promotion – Gayatri Kolte (Colors Marathi)
  • Marketing – Richa Kamat (Colors Marathi)
  • Marketing Head – Sainath Pae (Colors Marathi)
  • Channel – Colors Marathi
  • Starting Date and Timing – From 01 April 2018, Monday to Saturday at 8:00 PM

About Serial –

Just as two parallel lines can’t meet people who hate each other and people with different natures can’t come together on a platform but they say that love can conquer anything and can achieve the impossible. From being antagonistic against each other in the most ruthless way, love can emerge and such is the magic of love. If a person you hate comes towards you want to ignore him but as soon as she goes away you feel miserable .Such is the thing that will happen  with Siddhi and Shiva .Both hate each others sight but destiny has other plans  and they are married to each other  and then starts an examination of love .Can love happen between these two individuals who hate each other? Can love emerge from the volcanic hate between these two married people who hate each other? This tough love story between Siddhi and Shiva titled ‘Jeev Jhala Yedapisa’ will be telecast from April 1 Monday to Saturday at 8 pm only on COLORS TV.  This show written by Chinmay Mandlekar and produced by Potdi Productions  will be  entirely shot on locales of Sangli . Debutant Vidula Chowgule will be playing Siddhi and  Ashok Faldesai will be portraying Shiva. Veteran actors Mohan Joshi and Chinmayee Sumeet are also a part of the cast.

Born in a middle class family in the village Rudrayat , Siddhi Gokarn is a self respecting, principled, girl and believes that the whole world is a nice place”. My self belief in the good of people is my strength and breaking myself belief is the weakness  of others” is the principle of Siddhi’s life. On the other side Shiva is a very dashing and angry young man and believes in doing than talking ;is a tough bloke. So these two very different personalities  get married to each other and what happens then? What truth about each other is known to both of them?  Will the fire of anger and hate with a softness and cooling of love will bring these two in love with each other?  This journey will make interesting viewing.

The producer and director of the show ‘Jeev Jhala Yedapisa’ Vinod Lavhekar says, “ When we get married to persons we hate us  what happens then is the gist of the show. They say that Point of View is very important in life and once it changes, everything changes and when we perceive a person as a bad person are we assessing him the right way or is it our perception that makes us believe so and this is the way that Siddhi and Shiva also are in a situation. We are bringing a different love story with our show Jeev Jhala Yedapisa. This is the first time we are handling a love story of different shades. We are bringing a dew fresh pair of Vidula and Akash and if a team is good then the rest of the things follow in a good way and this is the way that has happened with this show. All ties have been bound with a good way and all our stars are shining bright and I hope the viewers will like our show”. Marriage is a bond that binds us of our life with seven circles round the fire. . Every girl dreams of her Prince Charming but Siddhi comes into Shiva’s life and home with a misunderstanding which gives rise to hate and can Siddhi light up a laughing light of a galaxy of stars on the sky of hate?  So definitely see this tough love story of Siddhi and Shiva in the show ‘Jeev Jhala Yedapisa’ which starts beaming from April 1 Monday to Saturday at 8 PM only on COLORS Marathi.  

Promo –

जीव झाला येडापिसा | New Show Promo | Colors Marathi

"तो समोर असला, की नकोसा होतो आणि नजरेआड झाला की जीव नकोसा होतो ".पाहा जीव झाला येडापिसा, नवी मालिका, लवकरच #ColorsMarathi वर आणि Voot वर कधीही.#vidulachougule #AshokDessai Rohit Kokate Chinmay Deepak Mandlekar Chinmay. D. Mandlekar Chinmay Mandlekar

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