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Sundara Manamadhye Bharli

Sundara Manamadhye Bharli (2020) | सुंदरा मनामध्ये भरली Colors Marathi Serial 

  • Starcast – Akshaya Naik, Sameer Paranjape
  • Studio – Strawberry Pictures
  • Director – Girish Mohite
  • Episode Director – Amit Chillare
  • Producer – Manva Naik
  • Assistant Director – NA
  • Production Management – NA
  • Post Production – Kiran Sawant
  • Production Manager – Navin Shinde
  • Story – Madhugandha Kulkarni
  • Screenplay –Madhugandha Kulkarni
  • Dialogues – Madhugandha Kulkarni
  • Cinematography – Sandeep Dhumal
  • Editor – Amey Godkar
  • Co-editor – Kiran Sawant
  • Lyrics – Mandar Cholkar
  • Music – Avinash-Vishvajeet
  • Background Score – Avinash-Vishvajeet
  • Singer – Avadhoot Gupte, Maithili Joshi
  • Art Direction – Vinayak Katkar
  • Sound Design – Dharmendra Kumar
  • Creative Head – Ketaki Vilas Valavakar (Strawberry Pictures)
  • Executive Producer – Nitin Vishnu Pawar (Strawberry Pictures)
  • Production Assistant – Avadhoot Purohit
  • Promo – Ganesh Avadumber Chavan (Colors Marathi)
  • A.O.P. Head – Rahul Madhukar Salgar (Colors Marathi)
  • Graphics – NA
  • Costumes – Santosh Gawade
  • Make up – Kamlesh Parab
  • Promotion – Gayatri Kolte (Colors Marathi)
  • Brand Integration Head – Sugandha Lonikar (Colors Marathi)
  • Marketing – Janhavi Satish Patil, Rushabh Acharya (Colors Marathi)
  • Marketing Head – Sainath Pai (Colors Marathi)
  • Executive Producer – Pallavi Rajendra Kulkarni, Hrushikesh Subodh Tembhurnikar (Colors Marathi)
  • Sr. Executive Producer –  Omkar Karambalikar (Colors Marathi)
  • Online Editor – Dhiraj Nana Kini
  • Costumes – Tanmay Jangam
  • Make up – Lalit Kulkarni
  • Channel – Colors Marathi
  • Starting Date and Timing – From 31 August 2020 at 09:00 PM, Monday to Saturday.

Synopsis –

Every young girl has an image of a beautiful girl when she gazes at the mirror-like a Cindrella would and has a Cindrella like an image for her but it is the gaze of the beholder which decides her beauty. Every young boy desires a beautiful, zero figure, winsome beauty as his wife. That a person is overwhelmed by beauty is natural. Girls who are short, fat, dark, and little on the weight issue side are almost negated by the boy and his family who weigh a person as fat but don’t see the good mind she possesses and other good qualities. This show is about a fat girl who has a good mind and is sweet. The show is aptly titled ‘Sundara Manamadhye Bharli’.

We have someone on our family who is fun-loving, studious, cheerful, humorous who brings a homely atmosphere to their homes but just because she is a bit stout she is rejected by boys for marriage and she is always teased and chided for her fatty built and is rejected by 34 boys for marriage. Though she is good-natured and keeps everyone happy and is a part of everyone’s sadness and happiness, she has accepted her shortcoming. On the contrary, Abhimanyu is a well-built, intelligent strong boy who is into fitness and is ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in the need. His aim is to make everyone in his village supremely fit. And that’s why he wants to open his own gym. What lies between Abhimanyu’s dream and Latika’s marriage is anyone’s guess? They have different views on marriage but will their minds meet? To see this journey will be interesting.

The show written by Madhugandha Kulkarni is produced by Strawberry Pictures.  Akshaya Naik plays Latika and Sameer Paranjape plays Abhimanyu. So don’t miss this show which starts 31 August Monday to Saturday at 9 pm on Colors Marathi.

Sundara Manamadhye Bharli Colors Marathi Serial Promo –

Sundara Manamadhye Bharli | Colors Marathi

मतं विरुद्ध, स्वभावही विरुद्ध तरी नातं याचं जुळणार का? पिळदार देखण्याच्या मनात सुंदरा भरणार का? घेऊन येतोय दिलदार प्रेमाची वजनदार गोष्ट. पाहा नवी गोष्ट #SundaraManamadhyeBharali 31 ऑगस्टपासून #ColorsMarathi वर.

Publiée par Colors Marathi sur Samedi 15 août 2020



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