Cinderella (2015) – Marathi Movie

  • Movie : Cinderella (2015)
  • Starring : Rupesh Bane Yashashwi Wengurlekar Mangesh Desai Janardan Parab Yakub Sayed
  • Directed by : Kiran Nakti
  • Produced by :Krupasindhu Pictures
  • Written by : Kiran Nakti
  • Screenplay : Kiran Natki
  • Story : Aditya Halbe, Kiran Natki
  • Music : Kiran – Gaurav
  • Cinematography : Raaja Phadatare
  • Editor :Ashish Mhatre, Apurva Motiwale
  • Cinematography : Raaja Phadatare
  • Release date : 04 December 2015

Plot :

The movie is based on two orphan children from the slum area of Mumbai. Cinderella is a fantasy of a little girl. The movie explores the selfless love of siblings where the story becomes an oddly satisfying combination of the fantasy and reality, happiness and struggle. Rather than begging in front of people for a piece of bread, it is about the transformation hard-work and education can bring.

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