New Year Resolutions By Marathi Actresses

new year resolutions by actresses

New Year Resolutions By Marathi Actresses

New Year is the time to make amends and make changes from the year gone by. Our M – Town stars usually are neck deep in work all year round, the time has come for them to share their New Year Resolutions. Let’s take a look at the resolutions of our favourite M – Town stars!

Sai Tamhankar :

I don’t believe in resolutions that is the reason why I don’t make New Year resolutions. I just strive to do better not every year but every day.

Tejaswini Pandit :

My NewYear resolution is to always smile no matter how difficult situations I face.

Sonali Khare :

My resolution is a commitment to health, body, rejuvenation and physical fitness. To work out more and get into fitness in a big way, for that I have already started practicing yoga and Pilates. Also I will try my best to lead a veryhealthy and positive life leaving all the negative thoughts behind.

Shweta Mahadik :

My NewYear resolution is to give my best in my work.