Sai Tamhankar Shares Her Sharmdaan Day’s Experience From Sukalwadi Near Pune!

Sai Tamhankar Shares Her Sharmdaan Day's Experience From Sukalwadi Near Pune!

Paani Foundation’s one of most active member Sai Tamhankar, paid a tribute by volunteering in the labor activities organized by Paani Foundation on the eve of Labor Day (also known as Maharashtra Day) in Sukalwadi village near Pune. Sai has been part of this organization since it was launched three years ago, with an aim to eradicate water shortage and to increase water harvestment and its storage for the beneficiary of farmers.

Talking about this years’ experience in Sukalwadi, Sai said, “The number of volunteers in such activities has been increasing with every passing year, which a very good feeling to see that most of them are youngsters. It is also a blissful feeling to see that the new generation has taken this campagin in their hands and are willing to do something or other for the society. I have seen whole families from cities coming together for volunteering in this labor activities. One of such family member spoke with me. He said being a child of farmer I know the importance of labor and the water. But if you ask my daughter about from where does water comes, she will answer from tap. For a moment this may feel funny, but this indeed a frightening situation. So I have bought her with me to volunteer in this labor activity.”Sai Paani Foundation 2

Sai further added, “This action speaks itself. Today’s parents are willing to take their children back to from where they have started, and I feel if this is achieved through labor activities, our mission of Paani Foundation is successful.” (Also Read – Sai Tamhankar to Celebrate Maharashtra Day in Her Own Unique Way!)

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Sai said, “I have also seen a newly married couple, who completed their marriage ceremony on 1st May and came here to volunteer in labor activity on the same day. Likewise, I have seen from a child of the seven-year-old to Seventy-five-years old grandfather working together, which increases my spirit in participating in it. I am leaving this village a unique experience and blissful memories.”