Farah Khan adopts 2 puppies “Gulab” & “Jamun”


Farah Khan adopts 2 puppies – names them “Gulab” “Jamun” !

Film maker Farah Khan recently welcomed two puppies from a Mumbai based NGO, World For All.Farah has been visiting several “adoptathons” for the last 2 years with daughter Anya ,who is a complete animal lover and has been wanting to bring home a puppy for the longest time.

The filmmaker, known for her sense of humor, has named the pups “Gulab” and “Jamun” and even got ace photographer Avinash Gowariker to shoot with the two new entrants in the family.

Says Farah, “They’re a brother-sister pair, I couldn’t think of separating them. They arrived when Avinash Gowariker (photographer) and his wife had come over for lunch so we did an impromptu photo session. They’re brown and black and we wanted Indian names”

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