Ti Sadhya Kay Karte Marathi Movie Trailer Launched !


Ti Saddhya Kay Karte’s Kahani Has Got An Interesting Crush


Love is a many splendorous thing. When you first fall in love you believe that to be the only love you will ever cherish in your life. But life is not so kind; neither is it life a straight line. Join the dots and you get the complete picture.

Like love, Ti Saddhya Kay Karte, too has many splendorous moments. The latest trailer of the Satish Rajwade directed and Zee Studios produced movie reveals that Ankush Chaudhuri, even as he dreams of his first love, is married to somebody else.

More interestingly, Ankush’s better half in Ti Saddhya Kay Karte is played by Urmila Kanetkar Kothare. Being human, despite his marriage to Urmila, just like many of us married men, Ankush-Abhinay Berde still dreams of Aarya AmbekarTejashri Pradhan, his childhood love.

The film’s latest three-minute trailer unveils a new twist in Ti Sadhya Kay Karte and makes one more curious about what the real plot of the story is.

The latest trailer also reveals that Rajwade has got many more tricks up his sleeve and by the time the film hits the theatres January 6, 2017, one can expect many more such twists, released intelligently, by Zee Studios to keep the curiosity angle up.

Don’t forget to watch the latest twist in this love story which till now was all about innocence and nostalgia. The latest teaser of the film brings in a heavy dose of reality too.

That’s the magic of cinema and love.