Nashibvaan Bhau Kadam’s Bloody Full Performance!


Noted comedian actor Bhau Kadam’s next release ‘Nashibvan’ is due for release. Landmark Films Vidhi Kasliwal is presenting the film. Produced by Flying God Films and  co-produced by Giri Media Factory and directed by Amol Vasant Gole recently had its song ‘Bloody Full
Jiya Re’ released to a great response and the fast paced rhythmic song sung by Anand Shinde and composed by Soham Pathak with lyrics  by Shivkumar Dhale and the song has been choreographed by Vitthal Patil.

The song has been beautifully picturized with an alluring quality to it which makes the song more easy on the ears and sounds interesting and has been deftly picturized on the scintillating  real dance bar which was available only for 24 hours and to picturize the song in such a short time and on such a lavishly mounted scale but the entire unit took upon it themselves to shoot the song in the stipulated time in less than 24 hours. And wonderfully and surprisingly no one knew outside that such a song was being picturized in the premises of the bar. The results of the hard work put in by the cast and crew has led to wonderful results with also an added attraction of Anand Shinde being a part of the song in a cameo.

Nashibvaan Bhau Kadam

The film ‘Nashibvaan’ based on the novella ‘Dilli Ki Deewar’ by Uday Prakash will release on 11 January 2019 . The film is produced by Amit Naresh Patil, Vinod Manohar  Gaikwad, and Mahendra Gangadhar Patil and co-producers are Prashant Vijay Mayekar and Abhishek Ashok Renuse.