Grand Trailer Launch of Marathi Movie ‘Mulshi Pattern’ !


In this age of Industrial revolution we have progressed a great deal but on the farming lands now are taken over by industrial estates and Information Technology companies. And the farmers are not benefited by this technological advancement. And they have lost their farm land as well as the money they have from the sale of their land. And now commenting from the next generation of farmers who are at the crossroads of their lives and the grand trailer of the film ‘Mulshi Pattern’ was launched in great style which really shook up the
audiences. The film has story, dialogues written, and directed by actor Pravin Tarde.

The film ‘Mulshi Patttern’ produced by Abhijeet  Bhosale of Genuine Productions LLP and Puneet Balan Entertainment Pvt Ltd. The trailer highlights the negative things brought about by the sale of their lands by the farmers and the restlessness and insecurity it gives them and how they migrate to big cities and towns and how they are aghast at the insensitivity of these big cities. How the children of these landless farmers turn to crime is one issue handled in this film?  That is one issue which is delicately handled in this film.
The strong dialogues and songs which were seen in the trailer now are making the audiences await the release of the film with great expectations. And the wait seems long and longer.

Mulshi Pattern Marathi Movie Poster

The film stars National Award Winner Om Bhutkar along with veterans like Mohan Joshi, Mahesh Manjrekar, Upendra Limaye, Savita Malpekar, Pravin Vitthal Tarde, Sunil Abhyankar, and debutant Malavika Gaikwad along with Ajay Purkar,  Jayesh Sanghvi, Akshay Tanksale, Kshitish Date, Ramesh Pardeshi, Devendra Gaikwad, Suresh Vishwakarma, Deepti Dhotre, Milind Dastane, and child star Aryan Shinde.

The film has music by Narendra Bhide with lyrics by Pranit Kulkarni and choreography is by Umesh Jadhav .DOP is Mahesh Limaye. The film ‘Mulshi Pattern’ produced by Abhijeet  Bhosle of Genuine Productions LLP and Puneet Balan Entertainment Pvt Ltd with Kiran
Dagde is the co-producer. This film which  dwells on farmers issues releases on November 23.