Grand Launch Of Phuntroo Marathi Movie Trailer

grand launch of phuntroo trailer

Grand Launch Of Phuntroo Marathi Movie Trailer

While some films are always in the news because of the directors, some are in the news because of the production houses which are making those films. Some films are in the news because of the different content that they have, while some are in the news because of the presence of the stars in them. Some are in the news because of the music that they have while some are in the news because they employ the latest technology. Lastly some films are in the news because of the period that they depict while some because they take a step forward ahead of their time. Sujay Dahake’s film Phuntroo is in the news because of various reasons even before its mahurat was held. An Eros International Presentation, the film is produced by Krishika Lulla. Phuntroo , the  first ever science fiction film in Marathi is being co- produced by both Spice Entertainment and Ajay Thakur.

The trailer of the Phuntroo made by Eros International was held recently at the Famous Studios in the presence of Krushika Lulla and co-producers Sandeep Sushil Sinha and Ajay Thakur, besides the director Sujay Dahake and the cast and credits of the film.

Krushika Lulla has always produced films which have boasted of artistic standards. “We have kept in mind the tradition of Eros as far as film making is concerned and set out to make the first ever science fiction film in Marathi and you will be able to see the kind of costume which you have never seen earlier in Marathi films. Sujay Dahake who is known as a progressive and experimental filmmaker has woven a science fiction in the form of a love story. The young talent in Marathi film industry has joined hands together to revolutionize Marathi films in a grand way. My film will be liked by the audiences when it is released on March 11 this year.

The story of Phuntroo is unfolded in an engineering campus with artistes like Ketaki Mategaonkar, Madan Devdhar, Shivraj Waichal, Shivani Rangole, Ruthuraj Shinde, Anshumanm Joshi, Rohit Nikam etc. Ketaki Mategaonkar’s looks have been appreciated even before the song of the film was pictuised on her. The first poster also has received a lot of feedback from the media as well as social media. Expressing his hope that the second poster also will fetch a lot of accolades  and appreciation from the viewers , Sujay Dahake says, “Like Krushika Lulla said, Phuntroo is all set to take the Marathi film industry by storm and revolutionize it in a big way.” After the release of Phuntroo, according to Sujay Dahake,  a new era of sci fiction films will start in Marathi films too. The trailer of Phuntroo is going to astonish the viewers. Each and every actor and crew member has toiled day and night to make the film a reality and the result is there for the viewers to be seen on the screen soon. ”Till date I have always made an attempt that is against the prevailing trends by opting for different subjects. Phuntroo is a step in the right direction.”

Human beings have invented the technology but it is trying to control human beings unfortunately. What happens when technology is utilized more than what is needed is shown in Phuntroo.” Banni Sethi has designed the costumes while Vinod Sarodhe has done the makeup. Archana Borhade has cranked the camera. Satyajit Deshpande is the art director. Hrishikesh Datar, Jasraj Joshi and Saurav Bhalerao have composed the grand music for the film.