‘Dr. Rakhmabai’ Movie Teaser Launch


‘Dr. Rakhmabai’ Movie’s Teaser Launch –

‘Dr. Rakmabai’ gained fame in DFW south Asian film festival

‘Dr. Rakmabai’ gets through her life by following a simple rule that is ‘RULES DON’T APPLY’. She has stuck to this motto and has gained a respectable position at international film festival. This movie will be shown at the famous DFW South Asian Film Festival. This movie should reach people that’s why Dr. Rakmabai is launching its teasers at international film festival. In this teaser they have shown the problems which the females in 1800 BC went through, the backward orthodox thinking which held them back, the support that Dr. Rakmabai got from her father and the will to become a doctor is seen.
Saluting the willpower of Dr. Rakhmabai the DFW south Asian film festival at the end will be featuring ‘Dr. Rakhmabai’ movie. The people attending the festival will be able to meet and communicate with the actress Tanishtha Chatterjee.

Director Ananth Mahadev has directed the film and Dr. Swapna Patkar has produced this movie. The steps taken by Dr. Rakhmabai against the injustice on women will meet us soon.