An Interesting Journey of Love in Premwaari !


“ A Bird soars into sky with an ardent desire to complete her journey of love sometime soon ” The trailer launch of the film ‘Premvaari’ was held to great response in the presence of the entire cast and the crew. There is no specific definition of love as such and it can’t be penciled into a definite realm. There are many shades of love and  one such shade of love will be evident in the forthcoming film ‘Premwaari’.

Rahul and Pooja are college mates and how their love blooms but they face hurdles in their love story as their parents are against their love due to certain reasons and how their love progresses against the parental opposition is the scenario of the film ‘Premwaari’ and this the audiences will come to know after the release of the film. There have been many films based on college romances but this film will be a different one. But what this difference will be will be known only after the release of the film.

Mayuri Kapadne and Chinmay Udgirkar

The film stars Chinmay Udgirkar and Mayuri Kapadane in lead roles . Chinmay will be seen on the big screen after quite a while and Mayuri will be making her big screen debut with this film. The film, a romance will be released on February 8 in the Valentine week coincidentally. The film produced under the banner of Saimamit Productions will denote a different language of love.

The music of the film has been composed by the talented music composer Amit Raj. The film has been written , produced and directed by Rajendra Kachru Gaikwad and he has presented the film also.