A Rare Talented Combination of Actor Kay Kay Menon and Rajeshwari Sachdev!


The film Ek Sangaychay… Unsaid Harmony starring Kay Kay Menon in his debut Marathi films and the directorial debut of Lokesh Gupte is making waves and is produced by Sateri Productions. Recently the trailer launch and music launch of the film was held in a great style amidst the presence of its cast and crew and now there are a lot of expectations from the film.

The Devi Sateri Productions film ‘Ek Sangaychay……..Unsaid Harmony have produced the film and it stars Kay Kay Menon ,Rajeshwari Sachdev, along with Padmavati Rao,  Milind Phatak, Vineet Sharma, Shalv Kinjvedekar, Shubhavi Gupte, Vibhav Rajadhyaksha, Abhijieet Amkar, Harshita Sohal, and Ajit Bhure. The Oscar winning sound engineer Resul
Pookuty has designed the sound. DOP is Pushpank Gawde. Actor Director Lokesh Gupte has written ,directed and edited the film  and costumes are done by Chaitrali Gupte.

The relations between a father and son are very sensitive and touching and unspoken and this relationship is  now coming forth on a song with lyrics by Jeetendra Joshi , music by  Shailendra Barve ans sung by Avdhoot Gupte, Bela Shende, Tushar Joshi, Vivek Naik and Rashi Harmalkar in a rare co-incidence.

Kay Kay Menon says, ” I Like the story narration of the film and gave my nod immediately  after  20 minutes.After especially living in Maharashtra for many years I am well versed in the language after hearing it for so long and having learnt specially the language  for
this film with a lot of help from the director Lokesh Gupte.

Realizing the long awaited dream of turning director and dwelling the relationship between parents and their children and their changing sensibilities and the good and bad arising between them and I have made a honest effort to portray this issue. It will certainly be an
eye opener for the audiences.

The film starring Kay Kay Menon and Rajeshwari Sachdev in solid roles is likely to attract the audiences. The film releases on 16 November all over Maharashtra.