Andyacha Funda Marathi Movie Review – Andya’s Unsound Funda

Andya Cha Funda Marathi Movie Review
  • Studio – Adhya Creations
  • Producer – Vijay Shetty.
  • Co-Producer – Prashant Poojari, Indira Vishwanath Shetty.
  • Director – Santosh Shetty.
  • Release Date – 30 June 2017

Rating – 2/5

Andyacha Funda Marathi Movie Review –

It’s a Story of Atharva, who is anda (Atharve Bedekar) and the funda (Shubham Parab) are both studying in the same class. Anda is a smart boy from a rich family, whereas Funda is a dumb boy from a poor house. But this does not matter to their friendship. On the contrary, their fun sessions begin from the morning to the night, and are all notorious. In such situation, funda visits Konkan in vacations, and does not return back. So, after the end of the vacation, there is only one them studying in the school. This smart bright Anda wants to go to Konkan too. But his mother (Deepa Parab-Chaudhary) does not allow him. Because there is a fear about konkan in her mind. But due to the support of his father (Sushant Shelar), grandfather (Arun Nalawade) and uncle-aunty, Andya is going to Konkan.

… and then, there the Anda-funda and their friend , Vasanti (Mrinal Jadhav) meet there together and explore the mystery, which is related to mystery of anda-funda and Anda’s mother….such three lives. There is another funda’s secret to be revealed…. But we have to go to the theater to experience it.

With comparison to last few years child based movies, this is a downturn. Even though they are richer-brighter, ‘Andyacha Funda’ leads to a downturn. Because of the suspense attachment given to the original subject rather than the children’s cinema. There was no such thing as a link to the mysteries, but the attachment of birth and paternal ancestry given to him was a troll. “Andyacha Funda” could have been a better film, but it’s being broken down in many parts makes it a mess. In fact, there were good artists, so the adults work along with childrens got better. But the story of the film is disrupted because of the disturbance. Deepa Parab has been on a silver screen for many years. Her work has gotten better.