What’s Up Lagna’s New Song Will Make You Blush !

What's Up Lagna's New Song Will Make You Blush !
Even though the pace of life has increased rapidly, emotions have remained the same. The upcoming film What’s Up Lagna will be exploring this mismatch between the pace of life and emotions. And when you talk about emotions and life, you can’t help but think about music. Compositions on this subject need to be deep and emotional, but at the same time can’t afford to be so complex as to alienate the masses. There needs to be a fine balance, and the songs of What’s Up Lagna have miraculously been able to strike that balance!
The first song of the film that has been released involves the hit pair of Marathi film music – Nilesh Moharrir and Ashwini Shende. The pair have given numerous hit songs together. But despite collaborating several times their music doesn’t lack the freshness one expects from any song. The two have done a truly fabulous job with song ‘Tu Jarashi Ye Urashi’
The romantic number has beautifully managed to tap the right amount of depth in the love and attraction one feels towards one’s partner. Ashwini’s lyrics and Nilesh’s music works on you like a charm. The super chemistry between Prarthana Behere and Vaibhavi Tattwawadi only adds to the beauty of the romantic duet sung beautifully by Hrishikesh Ranade and Nihira Joshi.
What’s Up Lagna has been produced by Fincraft Media and presented by Video Palace. The film written and directed by will released all over Maharashtra on 9th February, 2018.