Watch Out For Subodh Bhave And His Son In Fugay !

Watch Out For Subodh Bhave And His Son In Fugay !

Watch out for Subodh Bhave and his son in Fugay!


Marathi actor-director ‘Subodh Bhave’ and his son ‘Malhar’ will be sharing screen time for the first time in Fugay. You may have seen many father-son pairs acting in Marathi films before this but Fugay will be the first time that a real-life son will be playing his father’s childhood character.

Fugay, as the name suggests, is a story of two friends — giving company to Bhave will be Swwapnil Joshi, another popular star — who have created a ruckus among their families because of their friendship.

Interestingly, Vihaan Nishandar, who plays Swapnil’s childhood character is the son of Kartik Nishandar, incidentally also Fugay’s co-producer along with Arjun of GSEAMS.

Those who have seen the film’s rushes vouch for the stunning chemistry not only between Subodh Bhave and Swapnil Joshi but also of ‘Malhar Bhave’ and ‘Vihaan Nishandar’.

Fugay, which can be dubbed as the backstory of budding friendship, is directed by Swapna Waghmare Joshi.

The film has been produced by STV Networks along with GSEAMS Kartik Nishandar-Arjun Barhan along with Ashwin Anchan and Anuradha Joshi while Inder Raj Kapoor is the film’s presenter.

Considering the film’s cute title Fugay is already hot in the social media.

Also, don’t forget you will also get to see the onscreen chemistry between Subodh Bhave and Swapnil Joshi not only as adults but also as cute little kids too.