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Colors Marathi started the work of Marathi ‘Big Boss’ with a bang, three months before the start of the show. From the announcement of the program, who will be in the program ? Who will be the co-ordinator and mainly, the excitement of who would be the first-time winner ? has reached the top. Maharashtra’s channel Colors Marathi, presented ‘Big Boss’ in spectacular Marathi to the audience of Maharashtra. The audience responded a lot, gave a lot of love to this season. As the program began, every member started to win the audience’s heart and get a special place in their hearts. Every house and every corner of the nation talked about Marathi ‘Big Boss’. In the first season of our Marathi Bigg Boss, members were imprisoned for 100-day with the help of cameras. The Grand Finale of first season of Marathi ‘Big Boss’ recently took place in Lonavala. Competitors and audiences all knew that the winner was going to be only one. And finally the moment came when the entire Maharashtra was watching, the first big winner of the Big Boss Marathi. Megha Dhade became the first winner of Big Boss Marathi and Pushkar Joge won the second place. Megha Dhade got Rs. 18 lakh 60 thousand and a house from Nirvana Leisure Realty City of Music at Khopoli.

Megha Dhade Big Boss Winner cheque

The Big Boss’ house saw the beginning of many relationships from the very first day and with changing days it saw change in relationships, spoiled, and saw bitterness coming in them. But on this journey, after the task ‘chair of the Emperor’ made two groups in the house, then one group remained till the end and the second group saw the failing of members to live in the house. In this house, men started bullying, but the girls in this house remained strong against this. The Big Boss house stood firm for each member of the house. The house experienced Aau’s love, Thatte’s Thattegiri was very much liked by the audience, saw Sushant cry, saw Megha’s love of the kitchen and the program itself, and also heard the rhetoric of it. We also saw Rajesh’s ignorance, heard juggling and complains of Jui, saw Pushkar and Sai’s friendship and saw the journey of 18 members reaching 6 people.

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Mahesh Manjrekar, speaking about the first season of Marathi ‘Bigg Boss’, said, “The first event of Bigg Boss Marathi was completed very well, the love of the crowd was filled with love. I knew that Megha, Pushkar and Sai’s trio were going to go ahead. Megha is a very intelligent player. If she made any mistake, she was not ashamed to apologize, she had won the audience’s hearts with love, she had studied this program before entering it. Megha’s relationship with audiences became very strong so she she won the title, I would say “.

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Megha Dhade won the hearts of all with love and whose game never lacked stubbornness and with full study she got into the field. She always remained in discussions because of her straight forward behaviour. She said that she was given the opportunity to be a member of the first season of Marathi ‘Big Boss’, and now she is the winner, she said, “I am very happy that I have fulfilled the dream I have seen many years ago. I am grateful to Colors Marathi and Indemall team that they gave me an opportunity to fulfill my dream. I got an opportunity to become the part of the first season of Big Boss Marathi and now I do not believe that I have won this title. In this journey, I learned a lot of things, some of the things are worth. I will never forget these 100 days. In this journey, I got three lifetime friends, Pushkar, Sai and Sharmishta. I would say that the journey was wonderful.

The first season of Marathi ‘Big Boss’ captured audiences attention through tasks, fights of every episodes. It would not be wrong to say that Big Boss Marathi is a breakthrough for careers of some members.

The Big Boss Marathi tour is over, and from the next week, the audiences will get the chance to watch 14 weeks of their favorite program in just 14 days. Then do not forget to watch Big Boss Marathi only in Colors Marathi.

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