‘Patri Boyz’ will Hit Theaters on 19th October 2018

'Patri Boyz' will Hit Theaters on 19th October 2018

Mumbai’s biggest slum is Dharavi…!! From common man, from Corporator to Ministers, everyone is interested in it. People from various castes and creed live here which initiates difference in opinion and fights. These issues are resolved by the Local bhai’s of slum area. Children at the very young age get used to it. This gives birth to local goons and fights. ‘Patri Boyz‘, a new Marathi movie releasing on 19th October, will unveil the story of seven young criminal kids from one such kind of slum. This movie is presented by ‘Shrirang Lekha Entertainment’, produced by Venkatvardhan Iyengar, Shridhar Iyengar, Ashwin Bharade and is directed by Ajit Sable and Manoj Yerunkar.

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These seven kids, victims of pick-pocketing and small fights, one day finds something during a theft. This story is based on the struggles of these seven kids to get that one thing and the efforts taken by others to take that thing from them. Arun Nalawade, Ganesh Yadav, Milind Gawali, Sanjay Khapre, Bhushan Tondvalkar, Dr. Rajesh Aahir, Sandeep Juvatkar, Nitin Bodhare, Mira Joshi, Mithun Chauhan, Sudhir Ghanekar, Pari Lata, Sania Patil, Shraddha Dhamankar have their roles in ‘Patri Boys’.

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The film’s story, screenplay and dialogues are written by Ajit Sable and Manoj Yerunkar. This film has Ayub Sheikh’s cinematography where as compilation is made by Anil Thorat. Aadarsh Shinde, Ritu Pathak and Shahid Mallya have gave their voices to the lyrics written by Deepak Aagnewar and Raj Sagar. Amol-Paresh, Shej music have given their music to the film. Art direction is of Mayur Nikam and choreography is done by Santosh Aambre. Costume design is done by Tejashree More where as make-up is done by Udayraj Tangdi.

‘Patri Boys’ coming on 19th October in the theaters near you….