Meera and Sameer’s Relationship In a Unbelievable Gulf!

Meera and Sameer's Relationship In a Unbelievable Gulf!

Meera and Sameer’s Relationship In a Unbelievable Gulf!

With romance and big-mall arguments, Meera and Sameer’s relation is taking its shape. Meera – Sameer’s relations is filled with sweet-sour motions.  Deeply in love with each other, both have faced all the situations together, due to which their bonds has been strengthened. The most important thing in their relation is their trust on each other. But now, due to some misunderstandings, their trust is going to break ! Police are on the doors of Meera, to arrest her under the charges of fraud.

Meera and Sameer Gulf

Maulik has disappeared after taking 10 lakh rupees from Aaji, which has given chance to Meera’s mother-in-law to set her up. Using Maulik as her cover, Meera’s mother-in-law has set trap for her. The most of all, Meera requires Sameer on her side, but due to misunderstanding, even Sameer does not believe in her (Meera). Will Meera – Sameer’s trust be broken? ( Also Read – Cast Crew Details of Tujha Majha Breakup Serial )

To be fair, Aaji will give a chance Meera to prove her innocence, by finding Maulik and bring him back to Aaji. To help her she has asked Sameer to assist her. While searching Maulik, Meera and Sammer will be back together, Aaji thinks so.

Sameer and Meera Tujh Majha Breakup

Will Meera gain back Sameer’s trust?  Will Aaji succeed to bring back Sameer-Meera together? Will Meera be able to find Maulik and prove her innocence? All the answer will be known in coming episode of Tujha Majha Breakup every Monday-Friday at 8:30 PM only on Zee Marathi.