Hidden In The Golden Pages Is The First Surgical Strike- ‘Fatteshikast’!

Hidden In The Golden Pages Is The First Surgical Strike- ‘Fatteshikast’!

After the super success of ‘Farzand’ director Digpal Lanjekar is unfolding the golden pages of history to educate the youth again after the super success of his previous hit ‘Farzand’ which had hit the box-office majorly and now he brings the historical Almond Creations presents ‘Fatteshikast’ which explores the fighting prowess of the great army of Shivaji and his brave Marathas and the mahurat of this grand historical was held at the significant monument of the Panhalgad Fort and the shooting commenced immediately.

Very intelligent and the great usage of  geographical assets and the great usage of the mind prowess , foresightedness, getting contemporary, and great fighting warfare by Shivaji Maharaj led to his win over many of his enemies and this tale is  about one of the great wins by Shivaji Maharaj with guerilla warfare.

The recent Surgical strikes by India over its border is reminiscent of Shivaji’s guerilla warfare and the roots of this win is hidden in Shivaji’s strategy can be said without any doubts. The audience is going to see one more magnum opus war victory with warfare in the film ‘Fatteshikast’.

The film stars Ajay Purkar Sameer Dharmadhikari , Mrunal Kulkarni, Chinmay Mandlekar, Mrunmayee Deshpande , Astad Kale, Trupti Toradmal,Nikhil Raut, Harish Dudhade, Ankit Mohan, Ramesh Pardeshi, Nakshatra Medhekar, and Hindi TV and film actor Anoop Soni who debuts in Marathi Entertainment industry.

It is said that for a good future one should learn from the past. History is one thing that keeps us rooted to the present and future and this great history is incomplete without the great king and warrior Shivaji Maharaj and such a surgical airstrike reminiscent of Shivaji Maharaj’s great warfare will be seen in the forthcoming war drama ‘Fatteshikast’.