Half Ticket To Release on 22 July

Half Ticket To Release on 22 July

उष्टं पाष्टं बास, म्हणतो एक एक श्वास
घास इज्ज्तीच्चा आपल्या, हातात पाहिजे

होऊ दे तरास, लांब कित्तीबी प्रवास,
जिंदगीत माणसाच्या,रुबाब पाहिजे!

These motivating lines lines from Video Palace Produced and Samit Kakkad Directed movie ‘Half Ticket’. Movie is going to release on 22 July. The film is the story of two slum boy brothers and their absolute focus to get what they cannot dare dream of. The movie is having four songs like Chal Chal, Rubbab Pahije, Bharale Re, Labbad Ghabbad. Along with child artists Shubham More and Vinayak Potdar, Bhau Kadam, Usha Naik, Shashank Shende, Jayant Wadkar, Priyanka Bos, Kailash Wagmare doing a lead roles.

Video Palace has produced various movies but this time he has handled a very sensitive topic with Half Ticket. Story of M. Manikdaan and written by Dnyanesh Zoting. Lyrics by Kshitij Patwardhan and Music by G.V. Prakash. Screenplay by Sanjay Memane and edited by Faizhal Imran. Sound Design by Anmol Bhave and art direction by Vasu Patil. Executive producer is Milind Shengate and Tanmayi Dev. Line producer is Anand Gaikawad, Rahul Tulaskar.

The movie releasing on 22 July all over Maharashtra.

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