Gorgeous Actress Tejaswini wishes Holi In An Artistic Way

Gorgeous Tejaswini Pandit Wishes Holi In A Artistic Way

Gorgeous actress Tejaswini Pandit wishes Holi in an artistic way

The stunning actress shares spectacular paintings and gives away a message to all her fans

Celebrities are often center of attraction. We love to mob them and click selfies but do we ever wonder, what do these celebs do in their free time? With their hectic schedule they sure need to have a hobby, something personal and which helps them unwind.As we all know the gorgeous actress Tejaswini has the hobby of designing which gave birth to the brand Tejadnya. Apart from an actress she has also established her position as a successful entrepreneur. But there is one thing about her that all of us are unaware of. The versatile actress shares sheer interest in sketching and painting too.

On the occasion of Holi the pretty lady shared few paintings and sketches made by her.Sharing about her hobby she said, “I have not taken formal training for sketching or painting, it’s just my hobby. I have always had interest in drawing since my childhood Days. I have heard that a painter always paint the things which are there on his mind, so being an actress I always draw things which are somewhat related to films. As you can see my most of the paintings and sketches are filmy. I like to play with colors whenever I get free time.”While wishing her fans happy Holi, she also gives away a friendly message to them. She says, “Ideally, the joyous festival of Holi is meant to celebrate the arrival of spring while the colors used in Holi are to reflect of the various hues of spring season. But unfortunately, in modern times Holi does not stand for all these beautiful things. Lot of water is wasted to play colors which are harmful,tones of wood is wasted to burn Holi fire. We need to put an end to such celebration.We can keep the spirit of the festival alive by avoiding extensive use of water and wood.Instead of playing the harmful chemical colors one can play colors on the canvas, make beautiful rangoli. Celebrate this festival in such a manner which will not lead to harm anybody. Celebrate life! Happy Holi to all”

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After such an artistic message, let’s have a look at the Masterpieces of art by Tejaswini Pandit: