Fresh New Love Story Blooms On The Beautiful Locales Of Konkan Titled ‘Pritam’!

Fresh New Love Story Blooms On The Beautiful Locales Of Konkan Titled ‘Pritam’!

A place which has been blessed profusely by Mother Nature is the Konkan area. We have seen recently many films made on the backdrop of Konkan.  Vast blue seas, tiled small houses, coconut trees, and betel-nut trees , mango trees and the vast quiet and cultured beautiful expanse of Konkan.  It would have been surprising that the producers and directors would have ignored this beautiful location. The forthcoming film ‘Pritam’ has a backdrop of Konkan and there is a beautiful sensitive love story interwoven around this beautiful location of Konkan. Such a beautiful natural ambiance is also to be seen in Kerala and the story of this film is set around Konkan and Kerala. The prestigious  production house ‘Wizard Productions’ have produced ‘Pritam’ directed by Malayalam director Seejo Rocky is debuting in Marathi  films.

The film is being shot around the picturesque locations of Kudal, Chiplun, Kankavli, and a new fresh pair of Pranav Raorane and Nakshatra Medhekar along with a stellar cast of Upendra Limaye, Ananda Karyekar, Shivraj Valvekar, Asmita Khatkhate,  Aaba Velankar, Samir Khandekar, Nayan Jadhav, Vishwajeet Palava,, Ajit Devle, Krutika.

On account of the film the audiences will get to see the beautiful locations of Konkan and Kerala and talking about his film Seejo Rocky says, “ We needed a location which would make the audiences  fall in love with the love story in our film and Konkan is such location , which is very calm and expansive to give that feel of a beautiful love story, is something which we as filmmakers hope for”.

The film is produced by Faizal Nithin, and direction is by Sijho and the scenario is by Sujit Kurup, screenplay dialogues by Ganesh Pandit and lyrics are by Guru Thakur and art direction is by Sandeep Ravde and casting direction and costumes is done by Chaitrali Dongre  and editing is by Jayant Jathar and DOP is Om Prakash  and music composer is Vishwajeet and choreography is by Sujit Kumar. Chaitrali Dongre, Jay Kumar Nayar, and Rafiq TM are the co-producers.