‘Sangeet Sanshay Kalhol’ Drama Launching By Devendra Phadanvis

Sangeet Sanshay Kalhol Drama

‘Sangeet Sanshay Kalhol’ Drama Launching By Devendra Phadanvis

Different and evergreen musical drama vocals play, ‘ Sangeet Sanshay Kalhol ‘ is again coming back to entertain his fans with new look and new set. The muhurat of this drama is done by Maharashtra’s chief minister Devendra Phadanvis at his Varsha bunglow. Muhurat held in the gracious presence of Amruta Phadanvis, Prashant Damale, Singer Rahul Deshpande, Veteran singer Ramdas Kamat, Gauri Damale and Sangeet Sanshay Kalhol team.

Sangeet Sanshay Kalhol Drama LaunchingIt is directed by Nipun Dharmadhikari with the lead roles of Prashant Damale (Phalgun Rao), Rahul Deshpande (Ashwin Sheth), Uma Palsule – Desai (Revati) , Deepti Mate (Krutika), Chinmay Pataskar (Sadhu & Vaishakh), Nachiket Jog (Bhadvya), Neeta Pendase (Rohini & Magha).

“This is a 100 years old evergreen drama and this is a little try to bring this art in front of young generation. Original drama had a 30 songs but new edition continued with 18 songs only”. said Prashant Damale. From 15 April drama will be launched.

हि बातमी मराठी मध्ये वाचण्यासाठी येथे क्लिक करा



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