Shaurya – Gatha Abhimanachi A New Show on Zee Yuva


Shaurya – Gatha Abhimanachi (Story of Pride) – The Maharashtra Police – (शौर्य – गाथा अभिमानाची)

New Show on Zee Yuva

  • Channel – Zee Yuva
  • Serial Timing – Friday and Saturday 09:00pm From 25/11/2016
  • Anchor – Sachin Khedekar
  • Director – Sachin Mohite.
  • Writer – Ajay Tamhane.
  • Art Direction – Vivek Deshpande.
  • Cinematography – Shahid.
  • Music – Amitraj.

 “Bravery”, “Courage”. What do these two words mean to you? At school, it might mean volunteering for a play or going up on the stage. At home, it might mean admitting to a fault. To lovers, it might mean showing your vulnerable self to the other in hope that they will keep you safe. Who do we think of when we hear these words? Do you think of a relative or a friend, or maybe even a martyr or even a Policeman? Why do we think of them? Was it because they did something that most of us would not? It definitely requires the leap of faith.

In the shafts of the philosophical language of Hinduism and Mahayana Buddhism “Sanskrit” lies a word “ Shaurya ” meaning incomparable bravery, extreme pride. The word is associated to heroism and it means to have spirit, to have guts, to not retreat, to have the nerves, and to have the strength and “Shaurya” is a synonym of our very own “Maharashtra police”.

What does it take to willingly sign your life away to the service of your country? What does it mean to be trained to do something like – shooting another human being, regardless of their actions – to protect those you love? Thus, the word “Shaurya” comes to mind when someone sees them or hears about them. All of us can move around freely and sleep fearlessly because our police forceis out there on the streets protecting us from the enemies sworn to their service of the motherland and working towards their motto “Sadrakhsnay Khalnighrnay” meaning to protect the righteous, controlling & annihilating the evil. They are the brave sons of India with a deep respect and love for their motherland.Each and every one of our police men we see around us definitely thinks of these. Some police man is still standing out there going through situations unimaginable to us, the lesser mortals, and yet, they don’t give up. From those who received medals, to the unknown sentry whose only remains are the memories of who knew them. From the ones who endure unimaginable things protecting us or still maybe experiencing them, to every death in the line of duty, reported or not, lost somewhere far way, they are the reason, India, comes to mind when you think of bravery.

Zee Yuva is a sprightly and refreshing GEC in the todays’ era which bases its’ shows on youth based programs. Continuing the Zee legacy forward on showcasing some of the best shows on the TV, Zee Yuva is all geared up to launch the new show “ Shaurya Gatha Abhimanachi”, proudly presenting a show on the lives of Maharashtra police who are brave and willing to do things from supporting the safe conducts of vibrant Indian festivals to dealing with perilous situations like the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai.

Maharashtra police work is critical, which can’t be put in words. The states police effort has gone unnoticed for years. This is the time we step in their shoes and have a glimpse of what they go through because while words can never fully express how much someone means to us, media can still provide comfort, solace, hope and even inspiration.


This show brings to all a peek into the stories of the real heroes. Every police man has his story. Each one has a loved one waiting for them, hoping for them to come home. The show endeavors to recounts the happenings in the life of a Mumbai police through re-enactments, interviews, eyewitness testimony to reconstruct the sequence of events to the audiences. Throughout the episodes the responses and reactions of the witnesses, the victims or relatives and friends of victims are interviewed adding some more information about the cases with their relatives. The episodes would salute the sacrifices of brave officers like Isaq Bagwan, first lady detection officer Hire math, Rakesh Mariya, the heroism displayed by them in Manya Surve encounter, and the other officers like Madhukar Zende, the man famed for capturing the elusive Charles Sobhraj.

Putting forth his opinions on the new venture, Zee Talkies business head Bavesh Janavlekar says, “Maharashtra police has been upholding and protecting law impeccably despite various critical conditions like continuous media pressure and extreme expectations of public. The show is dedicated to the brave Maharashtra police and aim to build respect and credibility amongst our viewers, especially the youth of Maharashtra. He further adds that there is no way to put into words the gratitude we should and do feel for them, but we should still try to do the best we can to express it through our media.

The show is directed Sachin Mohite of fame “Savdhaan India” and written by Dagdichaul fame writer Ajay Tamhane. The art director is Vivek Deshpande, DOP has been coordinated by Shahid and Music Director is Amit Raj.

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