Dil Dosti Dobara Season 2, Coming Soon On Zee Marathi

Dil Dosti Dobara Season 2, Coming Soon On Zee Marathi

Dil Dosti Dobara Season 2, Coming Soon On Zee Marathi


With a fresh new plot, new characters, new setting, and new names, six friends — Amey Wagh, Pushkraj Chirputkar, Suvrat Joshi, Pooja Thombre, Sakhi Gokhale and Swanandi Tikekar — are coming soon once again to embrace you, entangle you and entrap you, with their friendship, that made you laugh at times, and cry at times.

Zee Marathi and Zee Marathi HD will be airing the second season of one of the most popular tele-serial that had the youth of Maharashtra laugh and cry with Ashu, Sujay, Kaivalya, Meenal, Reshma and Ana, every time these friends came on the Idiot Box.

In the second season, though, these wonderful actors will be donning new names and new avatars and in all together exciting setting.

For Dil Dosti Dobara Season 2, these characters will be known as Sahil, Gaurav, Mukta, Papya, Anandi and Pari but to know who will be playing which character you will have to wait some more.

Interestingly, instead of these characters having met each other as paying guests in a common house, where they made their lives miserable for you, their neighbours and themselves, this time around you will find these six friends do the same act at a restaurant, hilariously named, ‘Khayali Pulav Restaurant’.

We know you must already be curious to know how these six cross each other’s way and how they end up knotting themselves up, round and round, at the Khayali Pulav Restaurant.

Based on the rocking funda ‘Masti Nay tar Dosti Nay’ (There is no friendship without some mischief and fun), these is characters are all set to bring the house down with their fresh antics at the restaurant, the flushes for which aired on Zee Marathi, have already become quite some rage.

Equally interestingly, the story will delve for quite some time around their childhoods giving you the sense as to how and when these six friends meet each other, and forge a strong friendship that ultimately makes them open a business.

Watch out for the fun and drama as these six novices, with no prior experience of running a restaurant run helter-skelter as they fight with each other while managing the restaurant and dishing out some mean recipes, some of which hit the bulls eye while others misfire.

Talking about the creative credits, Santosh Kanekar’s Atharva Theatre and Arts is producing Dil Dosti Dobara Season 2 and the project is helmed by Advait Dadarkar and Swapnil Murkar.

Story and dialogues are written by Sudeep Modak and Abhishek Khankar respectively.

Decorated with music director Sameer Saptiskar, the serial’s title song too will be quite refreshing according to the people in the know.

While the Dil Dosti Dobara Season 2 debuts February 18 on Zee Marathi and Ze Marathi HD, the narrative will actually take you on during an hour-long special show on Sunday February 19 at 1 pm followed by its repeat telecast at 6 pm.

Keep the pop corn, cold drink and the works ready, folks. For Dil Dosti Dobara Season 2 is coming soon to take over your young lives.

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