“The fun of working in front of  the Camera is very different”  says producer, actor Amol Kagne

“The fun of working in front of  the Camera is very different”  says producer, actor Amol Kagne

The maker of acclaimed  films like Halal. Perfume and Lathe Joshi  is now debuting as an actor in the forthcoming film Babo which is set to release on 31 MAY all over Maharashtra. In his debut winning awards ,  the young producer Amol is of a different mettle all together. This medical student started staging plays in his free time and he found his calling which led him to films. The man who was enjoying behind the camera is now enjoying his stint in front of the camera. We ask the actor about how he felt as a leading man in his debut film ‘Babo’.

After producing films, what made you act in films?

I was fond of acting right from the beginning and I came into film production accidentally and this field was news for me and my background and my education was nowhere relevant to this field but still I got attached to entertainment field. Just to get relaxed after a tiring stint in the medical studies I started acting in the college plays .My maternal grandfather used to stage plays and maybe I got my acting and stage-plays genes from him.My father asked me a question just like any middle class father would “ Whether  I would complete my medical studies or just do plays and at that time I decided that I would not only complete my medical studies but also learn to stage plays. And that’s how I completed by medical studies and got a Stage Craft  degree from Lalit Kala Bhavan in Pune  and  did a film called ‘Halal’ with Shivaji Lotan Patil.

What difference do you find as a producer and being an actor?

Being in front of the camera is a different fun zone altogether and as an actor you only have to look after your work and not bother about anything else and whatever dialogues the writer has written you have to communicate to the audiences with the viewpoint of the director .This phase is enjoyable but behind the camera, you have to go through many things and face them. You are challenged technically. It gives you a high no doubt but there is an element of risk too and marketing and promotions if done well you can enjoy behind the camera also . But I enjoy being in front of the camera more.

What is your role in ‘Bhabho’ and what kind of characters would you like to portray ?

I have the lead role in Babo and my character is called Babloo and he is totally immersed in love and is a lovelorn man and he is the only engineer in the village. He is very affectionate and loving.And he is in love with his childhood friend Munnni but is unable to express it . Will his feelings reach Munni? Will Munni reciprocate his love? And if Munni says Yes.will their families say yes to their alliance?  All these answers will be given in ‘Bhabho’. I enjoyed enacting my role of Babloo. Till now I have played all kinds of roles on stage right from a lord to a servant . I have portrayed positive as well as negative characters but I like to essay grey characters and I am happy playing grayish characters and I am comfortable in such roles.

Tell us about your future projects.

I am producing six films and after a gap of some months they will be releasing. As of now ‘Babo’ where I am playing the leading man is being released on 31st May. Also I will be seen in a special appearance in Raju Parsekar’s ‘Ahilya’.which too will release soon. There are some offers of stage shows and playback singing which I am considering. Very soon you will see the different facets of my acting abilities.