Music and Trailer Launch Ceremony of Inspiring Movie ‘Ziprya’!

Music and Trailer Launch Ceremony of Inspiring Movie Ziprya

‘Ziprya’ movie and its’ title is inspired from the highly acclaimed novel by veteran writer and journalist Arun Sadhu, who has created his own mark in the both fields of journalism and marathi literature. He is also well-known for his writings on communist revolution and bringing this kind of literature to Marathi readers. ARD Productions and Divaas Productions have produced ‘Ziprya’ while it is co-produced by Atharva Pawar Creations and Ashwini Ranjeet Darekar is presenting the movie. Recently, music and trailer launch ceremony of this inspiring ‘Ziprya’ took place in Mumbai amidst much fanfare.

We often see children earning their bread and butter by polishing shoes at major railway stations. The story of ‘Ziprya’ revolves around the life of these children. In this movie, director takes you through a journey of a protagonist who has challenges coming at him but has a never give up attitude. He is not at all pessimistic about his future. Suddenly, the protagonist starts if feeling frightened of police. He has some tension related to his sister’s marriage. How he handles it is worth watching. ‘Ziprya’ is a mysterious story and completely revolves around the life of protagonist. On the other side, he struggles to overcome poverty, hardships and fill colors in his and his friends’ lives. The film’s trailer is convincing enough for bringing audience to theatre due to realistic storyline and underlying positive approach towards life.

Trailer – 

‘Ziprya’, produced by Ranjeet Darekar presented by Ashwini Darekar, has been directed by Kedar Vaidya who has also written screenplay for the movie. The film stars Chinmay Kambli, PrathameshParab, Saksham Kulkarni, Amruta Subhash, Aman Attar, Devansh Deshmukh, Nachiket Purnpatre, Pravin Tarade, Vimal Mhatre, and Deepak Karanjikar in pivotal roles.

A special touch to this movie is the background score by percussionist Taufiq Qureshi. Sameer Saptiskar and Troy-Arif have composed the music while Abhishek Khanka and Sameer Samant have penned the songs for ‘Ziprya’. The other artists involved in this project include; art director – Vinay Katkar, choreographer- Umesh Jadhav, and DOP- Rajesh Nadone. ‘Ziprya’ has already won three state awards and is slated to release on 22nd June, across Maharashtra.