‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai’ Pair on the Sets of Super Dancer Maharashtra !

'Mumbai Pune Mumbai' Pair on the Sets of Super Dancer Maharashtra !

The popularity of ‘Super Dancer Maharashtra’ is increasing day by day. Contestants, their talents, encouraging and appreciating judges, each and everything related to this program have become the talk of the town. Audiences are waiting for the final result, who will reach the finale, and who will be the winner. Along with the judges, invited guests also have witnessed their talent on this super platform.

This week, the audience will get to see special episodes, as ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3’s pair Swapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve will join the judges and also favorite judge and dancing queen Amruta Khanvilkar celebrated her birthday on the stage of ‘Super Dancer Maharashtra’. All the participants, together with Amrita Khanvilkar, greeted her with ‘Happy Birthday’ song. After the cake cutting,  contestants gave a special handmade birthday greeting card to their favorite Amruta. Amruta gets emotional while receiving this handmade, special card from kids.  In this way, Amruta Khanvilkar’s birthday was celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Mumbai Pune Mumbai Pair

Swwapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve have come on this stage to promote their upcoming Marathi film ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3’. So when they came, they both got to experience beautiful performances of super dancers and also had a fun-loving conversation with them. The judge of this show Satish Rajwade has directed this film, so the audience will definitely get to know behind the scenes moments and stories of film. To impress our loving guests, super dancers performed on Swapnil and Mukta’s songs which will be really entertaining to watch.

This week will be more entertaining for the audience, want to know more visually, how Amruta and super dancers celebrated the birthday, do watch ‘Super Dancer Maharashtra’ on Sony Marathi.