A Shocking Sci-Fi Tale is Unmatta !

A Shocking Sci-Fi Tale is Unmatta !

There is an anomaly that sci-fi films are not made in India akin to their Hollywood counterparts and most of the producers are in favor of love stories or action thriller films and they dare not to make science fiction films. The country of engineers, doctors or scientists doesn’t have science fiction literature nor science fiction films. So Indian audiences are averse to entertaining sci-fi films. And this namely demand for sci-fi movies has been tapped by Hollywood Filmmakers. And now an Indian and Marathi sci-fi film ‘Unmatta’ is dealing with a sci-fi idea .

Unmatta Trailer –

The film is based on the concept of slip paralysis which will raise curiosity among the youth audiences and a discussion among the rationale scientists. This film will feature never seen before fight sequences, underwater scenes, and special effect scenes.

The film is produced by Rajendra Khaire and written and directed by Mahesh Rajmane and boasts of a cast of Arushi Vikas Bangar, Poornima De, Prasad Shikre, Sandeep Shridhar and Sanjay Thakur.